Flip Mino HD Workflow Update

So I heard from a few friends on Twitter that they can edit footage from their Flip Mino HD just fine in Final Cut Pro. So I wanted to test my camera. I tried it on my MacBook Pro, the MacPro and then I took my camera to the Apple Store and tried to edit the footage on the macs their running Final Cut Pro. All gave me the same error. So I started thinking maybe it’s the camera.

So I contacted Flip and they pointed me to http://www.theflip.com/update for an update. I ran the update and now any new footage I shoot seems to work just fine. I’ve thrown 15-20 clips into FCP and everything is working great.

On another note I’ve installed iMovie09 and it seems pretty sweet. It’s been given some new power and features. That honestly for simple editing of family movies I think is faster than FCP except for the import time of the footage while it makes thumbnails. So I’m back to a toss up between the two but at least I can use FCP!


March 6, 2009. Video. 2 comments.

Nurturing Creativity

I really enjoyed this video from TED talks and I thought I’d share it with you. It’s about how do we nurture creativity. It’s not from a Christian perspective but it’s easy enough to make the application.

March 5, 2009. Personal Growth. 1 comment.

Video Loop for The Battles No One Else Sees

Simple loop I made for the series we are in. The problem is I don’t like it and I haven’t used it. Our walls in the sanctuary are an off white/tan and this background doesn’t give enough contrast for me.

March 4, 2009. Video. Leave a comment.

Sermon Intro Video: The Battle No One Else Sees

I don’t really want to show this but I figure it’s probably best. I don’t like this video. I don’t think it adds much to the service except that it’s a video, has some eye candy and can just be a change during the service. To me it’s a video for the sake of a video. I think every element of the service should add upon what’s been done in the service. It should be getting people one step closer to making a decision at the altar call.

But… this is what the boss asked for and I think he likes it. He’s the one who’s teaching it’s supporting. If he feels it helps him… it helps him.

March 3, 2009. Video. Leave a comment.

Sermon Graphics: The Battles No One Else Sees

We started a new sermon series a few weeks ago. The title is “The Battles No One Else Sees”. It’s about the character issues we all struggle with that no one will see unless we loose the battle.

The teaching pastor is using a lot of metaphors from the military so I tried to create something that reflected that without being over the top military. I’m happy with how it came out.



March 2, 2009. Graphic Design. Leave a comment.