Mac to MediaShout Workflow

I’ve been used to working with an all Mac workflow. FCP or After Effects to ProPresenter. At LakeShore we’re using MediaShout on PCs. So I’m having to figure out a workflow to reliably play videos back within MediaShout.

There have been a few staff changes but the Mac to PC workflow has been a problem at LakeShore. I’ve heard that the K-Lite codec package should allow MPEG4s to play within Windows Media Player which means it should play within MediaShout. I’ve been told we’ve tried that and it’s not working like it should. The codecs show that they are installed but the MPEG4s are not playing correctly.

I tried AVI and MPEG1 which are both very lossy and old codecs. So I looked into WMV conversion. I have an old copy of the now defunct Visual Hub. The output looked as good as my MPEG4 files but as the video played there was some serious compression errors. A couple of times in a video a chunk of the screen would be seriously pixelated, then it would snap back to looking great.

I then went looking to other solutions. I’ve settled on Flip4Mac HD Studio. It comes with several presets geared towards various target delivery formats. I’ve had to adjust some of the settings to get videos to playback smooth on older machines. They main downside with Flip4Mac is it doesn’t engage all the cores on the Mac Pro Octo.


May 8, 2009. Tech Stuff, Video. 2 comments.