About Me

bearded-daveI’m trying to think of a creative way to let you know who I am. And yet nothing is coming to mind that doesn’t sound like total cheese. So I’ll just start with something. My name is Dave Smith. I am one lucky guy. My wife is my best friend. We have 2 kids who bring so much joy into our lives.

I work for my church LakeShore Church. I’m a jack of many trades and king of none. I’ve done live and recorded sound, audio/video/lighting for live events, print design and web design. But my passion is video production and motion graphics.

I started Creative Church Media (formerly creative|ideas) as a way to grow my creative skills. I am much stronger in the technical side of media production. But I need to stretch myself creativly. So this place will be where I share my thoughts, my rants and my raves about using technology to creativly communicate to the local church.



  1. baroto replied:

    Hi Dave,
    just curious if you can project the next 6 months after switching from Easy Worship to Propresenter, do you see a significant difference such as in the file searching, pics searching, or touch up on the fly for the multimedia team ?
    The team here consists of several ladies with standard knowledge of Easy W, and many many times the slide/schedule of songs of events of announcements need to be edited at the last minute, so we also see that this task of searching is tedious.
    Does the new program run on Windows? or only in Mac ?
    cheers from Jakarta

  2. Dave replied:

    ProPresenter runs only on macs. For me and my mac background, I was eager to get a presentation program on the mac. I felt handcuffed at times with a PC having to rely on our IT department to fix problems with Windows. And our IT department didn’t understand what a mission critical production machine meant.

    I find ProPresenter much easier to use than any other presentation software. Yet also very powerful. My volunteers have not problem editing and updating slides on the fly. It’s as simple as right clicking on the slide and choosing quick edit.

    The Renewed Vision has some good videos giving you a tour of the product or you can download a demo of it and try it out yourself.

  3. human3rror replied:

    missing a “t” in director… 🙂

  4. Dave replied:

    Thanks for the correction.

  5. ryanrosejournalist replied:

    hey man I love your blog and your site!

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