Flip Mino HD Workflow Update

So I heard from a few friends on Twitter that they can edit footage from their Flip Mino HD just fine in Final Cut Pro. So I wanted to test my camera. I tried it on my MacBook Pro, the MacPro and then I took my camera to the Apple Store and tried to edit the footage on the macs their running Final Cut Pro. All gave me the same error. So I started thinking maybe it’s the camera.

So I contacted Flip and they pointed me to http://www.theflip.com/update for an update. I ran the update and now any new footage I shoot seems to work just fine. I’ve thrown 15-20 clips into FCP and everything is working great.

On another note I’ve installed iMovie09 and it seems pretty sweet. It’s been given some new power and features. That honestly for simple editing of family movies I think is faster than FCP except for the import time of the footage while it makes thumbnails. So I’m back to a toss up between the two but at least I can use FCP!


March 6, 2009. Video.


  1. Chip Dizard replied:

    I use the Flip camera often and I use FCP and the software that is included. It depends what I want to do. I convert the clips to.mov using MPEG Streamclip http://www.squared5.com and then import .mov into FCP. It works well and then I export using CRAM Compressor http://www.compressorpack.com and the vimeo HD export. Yes that workflow can be a little long, but it yields the results I want.

    Also, I found that my Flip camera works better outdoors and indoors it is not that great. Visit http://www.youtube.com/chipperd to see my Flip videos.

  2. Steven replied:

    I like the size of the Flip I can fit it into my pocket and it not noticable and the weight is great.

    The video pic are good when you replay on the screen

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