Red Giant Software offers Non Profit Pricing

In the world of video production the tools I use on every project is Final Cut Pro or After Effects. Most the time it’s a combo of those 2 product together. There are times that you want to extend the toolset of FCP or AE because a new tool does the job more efficiently or extends AE/FCP to a new realm. Red Giant Plug Ins are by far my favorite.

For motion graphics work I use the Trapcode Bundle Retail price $900 non profit price: $449. There is nothing in FCP or AE to replicate some of Trapcode’s products. There are particle generators in AE but Particular is much more flexible.

For color correction I use the Magic Bullet Suite Retail $800 Non Profit Price: $400. I tend to use colorista to color correct my footage and then use looks to stylize my footage. How’s it stack up to FCP tool set? FCP color corrector is pretty lame but I do like Color. I prefer Color for color correction over colorista but I prefer Looks for creating the grade or look of my video. How’s it stack up to AE’s tool set? Color Finesse is a very good color correction tool. More powerful than colorista but slower in my opinion. Looks for me is still where I tend to go to do basic color correction and establish the grade or look for my video. Unless it’s a poorly shot video that needs lots of color correction then I’ll open Color Finesse.

For keying I love their keying suite Retail: $800 Non Profit Price $400. How does Primatte compare to FCP? Hands down it blows the built in keyer in FCP away. How does it compare to the tools in AE? Keylight does a great job in AE but I’ve found Primatte WAY faster to work with. For our video announcements I can set up a very good key in 2-3 minutes with Primatte compared to 30 minutes with Keylight. That’s because Primatte gives you tools to visually edit your key instead of always moving sliders. Primatte also has color matching and a light wrap built into the plug-in. Which involves more steps and plug-ins with Keylight.

FYI I bought the Trapcode bundle, Looks and Colorista a few years ago. Last summer I got into a beta program to test and was given the Red Giant Mega Bundle.


May 24, 2010. Video.

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