Mediashout Problems

I know I’m biased. I’m not a fan of PCs or Mediashout. I hope I don’t come across as a zealot because I’m not. I’m a fan of the right tool for the right job.

I haven’t used PCs since 2000 so I always feel like a fish out of water when I use one. I don’t think PCs are bad, I’m just quicker and more efficient on a mac because that’s what I know.

Here’s my biggest gripes about Mediashout:
– Ugly user interface. UI is so bad it hides features. Example is the cue editor UI. You don’t realize certain boxes are options because they are grayed out.
– Way too many clicks to do simple operations. Better than version 3, but still a lot of clicks.
– Based on windows media player and can be fickle with the formats it plays. Creating WMV files on the mac adds an extra 40 minutes of encoding per minute of video.
– Lack of documentation/ training (version 4 refers to version 3 in it’s help menu)

My biggest gripe is we’ve had a problem with certain song files locking up the program. Mediashout’s response was to create a new cue and not use the old one. That’s a pretty crappy workaround.

Just to be fair I do really like the feature in Mediashout to play a cue at a certain time. We use it every week to fire our countdown videos.

For the most part Mediashout does what we need it to do. But I am looking at Propresenter and hoping in the not too distant future we’ll be able to make the switch. Especially when it comes to the ability to modify the hue, saturation and brightness of background video clips.


October 14, 2009. Tech Stuff.


  1. Chip Dizard replied:

    I had to use Media Shout for a conference recently. I did have a few issues, esp. since I had Windows 7, but I called their support and they were right on it. They told me their mac version is coming soon, and I can’t wait to see it.

    I have been happy with MS but I know that competition makes all products better. Let’s see what happens in 2010 with all of these products.

    • Dave replied:

      For the most part MediaShout (as well as Easy Worship, ProPresenter and other worship software) does what it says it should do. They all tackle the same problem different ways. As a personal preference I don’t care for MediaShout. But that’s like me telling you what kind of shoes you should wear. MediaShout can and does get the job done for the most part. I prefer ProPresenter and I do think the newest version of ProPresenter 4 is heads and shoulders above every other software. BUT it’s because it works the way that I like/want/expect it to work. It’s my personal favorite.

      Glad that MediaShout is serving you well.

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