Review: iStoragePro iT4UFER RAID

I’ve been a fan of G-Technology for awhile. I’ve written about the G-Speed eS before. I was contacted by iStoragePro to do a review of their 4 drive RAID the iT4UFER.

First impressions of the iT4UFER are:
-It’s a hard name to remember not to mention pronounce.
-The enclosure is huge compared to the G-Speed but it does give more features. It’s close to double the size.
-There is a menu accessible via the LCD menu but I did not receive nor could I find documentation online about what I’m able to do via this menu
-You have more connections (FW400, FW800 and USB). These speeds are dramatically slower than eSATA but it’s nice if your eSATA card fried, your tower died and you needed to access the RAID from a MacBook Pro.
-It’s cheaper than the G-Speed. I’ve seen it listed online for $1k with four 1TB drives. The G-Speed is $1,350 and lacks the FW & USB ports. Both drives perform best via eSATA so you’ll need an eSATA card in your machine.

Using AJA drive tests the iT4UFER performed well. Write speeds of 167 MB/s and Read speeds of 184 MB/s

That was faster than the G-Speed which posted a Write speed of 153 MB/s and a Read speed of 173 MB/s
g-Speed eSATA

So at first look the iStoragePro RAID is cheaper, more versatile with it’s connections and cheaper!

But I’ve heard that that drive speed tests like AJA and Blackmagic don’t reproduce real world experiences. This is because these programs use much more efficient programing calls for moving data on and off a drive than applications like Final Cut, Premiere Pro and Avid. HD Speed Test uses the same programing calls most video applications use and there fore reproduce real world examples better.

Using this test the G-Speed edges out the iStorage RAID with a sustained speed of 128 MB/s vs 93 MB/s.
iT4UFER HD Speed Test
GSpeed HD Speed Test

Both will give RT capture & playback of multiple 720p & 1080p up to 4:4:4 and even RED 2k and 4k footage. The GSpeed should give you one stream of uncompressed HD. You can see the details in the graphs above.

Bottom line:
The iT4UFER is a great value for the money. It gives you more features and connections than the G-Speed but is larger physically and seems slower according the the HD Drive Speed Test. In my real world use of the drive the both performed identically when it came to moving files around and editing HD footage from the Sony EX-1.


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  1. EJ replied:

    You might want to consider an SSD RAID instead of a HDD RAID. One huge advantage is that SSD’s are not affected by random read/writes. 4x Intel X25’s gives you 800MB/s read and 320MB/s write. This would be awesome for a work drive.

    • Dave replied:

      I’m wearing of using a RAID on my boot drive. More points of failure don’t make me feel comfortable. Even though SSDs have no moving parts.

      SSDs are getting pretty fast. I see the value of using one as boot drive but for a RAID in media production 150 MB/s is plenty fast for my workflow with footage from the Sony EX-1.

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