Here To There Sermon Bumper

So the week after the Rally Day videos were due (almost 9 minutes of footage) we kicked off a new series. As it is with churches we focus on a big event and forget the Sunday after. So we were a little behind when it came to creative programming for the next series.

We had some ideas but I didn’t have final sermon graphics. I new it would be an old map feel to it. I thought about animating around a map but I thought the map itself might cause a distraction so I thought of following arrows. So I dug out some stock resources I have from Video Copilot’s Riot Gear and Evolution products. It’s nothing too fancy or original I put together but it works.

You can see the sermon graphics I finally got at the end. I think I kept things similar and close in their feel but didn’t use the same assets as are in the logo.

October 5, 2009. Video.


  1. marcuswilliamson replied:

    Very Nice!

  2. Jordan replied:

    hey, the video is spectacular, but i couldn’t help but notice that at about 17 seconds, the text reads something like “where did we loose our way”. i believe it should be “lose” and not “loose”. i figure it’s probably too late to fix it now, but in case you ever have a reason to use it again…i figured you might want to edit it.

    just stumbled upon your blog. great stuff!

    • Dave replied:

      I caught it before we showed it in service but I never updated this version. Thanks for mentioning it.

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