Time To Redesign

One of the projects LakeShore had waiting for me was overseeing the redesign of the church website.

Here’s what we’ve had:

Original LakeShore website

Original LakeShore website

It’s a template we’ve had from Artistry Marketing using their in house “Perpetua” CMS.

The main problems we’ve had with our site is:
– You can only customize a small percentage of the front page
– The header is HUGE!!!
– Way to much wasted space
– Poor navigation design
– The CMS is a pain to use.

So we had a brain storming meeting where we listed everything we’d like to have on the site. We then kicked around some general design ideas/ feels/ and wireframe layouts that we think will suite our needs.

As we were looking for sites we liked I made a list of design firms whose work we liked. I then began contacting those firms and doing interviews with them to see who would best meet our needs.

We ended up with Church Media Group. They had the combination CMS/Back end we liked + Designs we liked + Good recommendations. We in the process of the redesign right now and the new site should be live by October 2009. Church Media Group will be ready early September if we sign off and get them the content but I’m betting they’ll be waiting on us.

One of the challenges I’ve had with this project is that my boss new he wanted a new website before I was hired. But I’m having to establish a basic communication strategy. So I’m looking at ways for us to better communicate with church members, our volunteers and even the staff.


August 26, 2009. Web Development.

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