LA Mission Trip Video

Our youth ministry just returned from a mission trip to the LA Dream Center.

On the trip they had a Flip HD video camera (I don’t know of it was the mino or the ultra). When they got back I shot some interviews in our “studio” with the Sony EX-1.

Here’s the video (RSS readers may need to click.)

I edited in FCP2. If you’ve tried to bring flip footage into FCP it can be hit or miss. So first step was to converted the Flip footage to ProRes using Compressor using these settings. You may need to adjust the audio settings below to match your sequence settings or your audio won’t playback in realtime. I wasn’t going to use any of the audio so it didn’t matter to me.:

Apple ProRes 422
23.98 fps
1280x 720
Audio Settings
Stereo, 48khz, 16 bit

I then brought all the footage into FCP. The flip footage is very shaky, skews easily with motion and gets very blocky/ grainy in low light. But for the price, durability and size it’s great for these kinds of trips.

I’d like to give each trip a Flip Mino HD and also a “boot camp” on how to shoot good video.

Nick, our youth pastor, conducted the interviews. I think to edit better I need to start doing the interview twice and change the camera angles. Or I could work in 720p and pan/zoom my 1080p footage? Hmmmm…. Ideas?

The video was treated heavily with Magic Bullet Looks to give the flip footage a cohesive look and stylize the studio footage.

As much as I love Looks it’s a render hog. I don’t know if it’s because the one effect has multiple effects in it or it’s just not leveraging a 8 core mac as well as it could. Then to play in MediaShout we use Flip4Mac HD Studio plugin for compressor to convert the footage to a WMV file. Which Flip4Mac does not leverage all the cores either. I don’t know if it’s a WMV/ DRM issue or a Flip4Mac. But I had a 30 minute render of Looks then a 1 hour encode to WMV.

I like the way it came out for the most part. Here’s my thoughts to improve on next time:
– Do a boot camp for people who are going to be shooting video/ photos on mission trip.
– Need to improve interview process. Whether it’s better questions/ prep, taking 2 takes with different angles and b-roll or just cut at 720 so I can pan/scan my footage.


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