Organizing For Creativity

I know I’m not the most creative guy out there. I think I’m stronger technically than I am in creative ideas. My strength is in creatively executing ideas with technical excellence. Well that’s at least what I try to do.

I’ve written previously about how I organize myself for creative productivity here and here.

I’ve been on staff at LakeShore now for about 4 months. Being in a different organizational structure I’ve had to change the way I was organizing myself. I was using a combination of Things on my Mac and iPhone as well as a pocket Moleskine.

I’ve run into some challenges with my system:
– I’m tackling larger projects that are difficult to track in my pocket moleskine.
– The wifi network is separate from our wired network and Things syncs via wifi.
– With the changes in my job I got out of some of my habits
– My moleskine filled up and it’s a great time to evaluate my process.

So I’ve taken some time to refresh myself on systems that have worked for me in the past.

So I’m tweaking some of my process:
– Even though I like using Things I really like having access on my Mac and my iPhone I’m going back to OmniFocus
– I picked up an Action Book from Behance for my project planning. This allows me to keep my thoughts/ notes/ ideas/ sketches for larger projects in one place.
– I picked up a new pocket moleskine to carry with me as my catch all for thoughts/ notes/ journal. But I refreshed myself in how I want to organize my moleskine.

I mark off the bottom 3 lines of each right side page. Here I number the page and write a one line summary or headline. Like Staff Meeting, Church Tech Camp, GFX or Video Ideas for a topic. In the back of the notebook I started an index for key information so I can easily find my notes later on.On the left page I write out my thoughts to reflect on. Questions I have. And any actions I need to take.

I need to take time each day and go through my note in my moleskine and transfer them to my action planner if they relate to a project, to OmniFocus if it’s a task I need to do or file in Evernote so I can find it later.
– I’m really using Evernote now. I use it to file ideas, inspiration, tutorials, notes I need to reference later, journal what I read and got out of the Bible, quotes from books, sermon notes, etc…


August 20, 2009. Personal Growth.

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