Video Announcement Update (1 Month Down)

So we’ve been doing video announcements for a little over a month now (5 weeks to be exact). As with any change there is usually some resistance but we’ve received mostly positive feedback from the congregation.

The last video I posted was our very first go but we’ve polished the production a little more. Right now it takes me about 2 hours of post production to finish the spot. Here’s the most recent video but you can view all of LakeShore’s video announcements and videos on LakeShore’s YouTube Channel.

We started shooting inside against an overexposed white background. This helped with our audio quality. We try to get the script to our talent at least the day before. When we shoot we also write key words on a board besides the camera to cue her. The quality jumped up again when our light kit came in. I was only using 2 lights at first but now I use 5.

My next big change is going to be a new graphics package. The eye candy was nice but it’s way too long for this short of a piece. I need to keep the pace moving. I’m thinking of a 3-5 second transition instead. I just finished a busy season at work and it looks like things should be settling down for a little while.

Eventually we want to add more hosts into the rotation. But I wanted to control the variables as we tweaked the production workflow. I’d really like to find a good duo that can add humor to the announcements without being cheesy. Just to share here are a few churches who I think do great video announcements:

New Life Church: I think the duo has good chemistry. The graphics are clean and consistent (the mouse click graphic is a template I saw at

ShireLive : I really like the cinematography that goes into their shoots. Guess their location doesn’t hurt. And their accents just sound cool. But it’s a good variety of talent.


July 14, 2009. Video.

One Comment

  1. Paul Churchward replied:

    random….but I found your blog by searching “plug JVC HD200 to propresenter”. Anyway, I saw this previous post about church news. We’ve been doing ours for about 2 years now, and I’ve been doing it since day one. We’ve come along way since then. However your stuff looks great, amazing job right out of the gate!! You definitely have a good eye and are lightyears ahead of most churches as far as video news. As a shameless plug, you can check our news out at

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