Love Is Sermon Bumper

Last weekend we started a new sermon series called “Love Is”. The series is based on 1 Cor 13 and we wanted a summer vibe with a 70s feeling. Here’s the graphic I was given:

Love Is GFX

It’s our senior pastor’s family in the van so there is some inside humor going on.

Here’s the bumper I created for it:

I took some ideas from Brad Zimmerman at and his podcast episode 70. The idea is using a basic piece of animation and repeating it over and over. Check out this tutorial at

From the graphic I was given I had to basically recreate the lines in a way that I could animate. I could have animated the stroke of several concentric paths but I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted this to turn out. So the building block of this animation is 1 comp with 7 masks that stagger in their animation. This pre-comp was distorted using the warp tool. I used Andrew Kramer’s SureTarget presets for my camera moves. It’s a great preset for quickly animating a camera in 3D space but I loose some of the flexibility. One option would be to use the sure target presets to get my rough animation. Then apply keyframes to my camera and then unparent it from the null and tweak the animation.

To round out the video package I also made 2 loops and a countdown. I need to figure out some more creative ways of making loops that echo the theme of the GFX than just using a looping wiggle expression.


July 13, 2009. Video.


  1. Brad Zimmerman replied:

    Great Vid, simple but gets the point across. I would love to see the loops you created.

  2. Dave replied:

    Thanks Brad! I’ll post the loops in a new post, hopefully today. One thing I’m working on is creating a look for our services. So our colored lights echo the sermon graphics colors, the loops carry that over, etc… One thing I need to learn is more ways to loop besides a wiggle loop expression in AE. I’ve got some ideas from talking with Trent Armstrong (aka the Loop Master)

  3. marcuswilliamson replied:

    This is cool man!

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