Flip Mino HD Workflow To Final Cut

I got this from Larry Jordans newsletter and I thought I’d share it here because my Flip Mino HD posts have been popular.

Use compressor to convert the footage to the followings ProRes specs:
Apple ProRes 422
23.98 fps
1280x 720
Audio Settings
Stereo, 48khz, 16 bit

The audio the flip records is 44.1khz and will cause problems if you don’t make this change.

The files produced are large and it does take some time. It’s a let them encode overnight solution.

If you need a quick turn around on the project iMove 09 is still the way to go or use the included flip software.


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One Comment

  1. Gus replied:

    The FlipHD records at 1280×720 (square pixels) 30FPS, so the conversion to 24FPS is what takes so much time. The audio sampling-rate conversion is necessary but should be quick.

    Converting to a DV format is absolutely the right idea, but the specs should match the rest of your footage. For instance, if you’re using NTSC then you’ll need to convert the 20FPS to 29.98 FPS, uugh.

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