Video Announcements

One of my first big projects after joining LakeShore was to begin to produce weekly announcement videos. We’re shortening our service times so this helps us make up some time. We show it during the offering.

The graphics were from a revostock template

I’ve got a list of ways to improve for next week:
– Forgot to shoot an intro with Amber
-Need to get ahead on the script to get an intro and outro from each announcement. This would also give Amber some more confidence I think
– Need to get better audio to give her more presence in the video
– Need to polish some of the eye candy: Animate the LakeShore Update logo, better transitions from the Motion GFX to the talent, better text and animation over the video we shot.

This week took longer but now that I have a template to work from I should be able to finish the post production much faster.

I’d appreciate any feedback as we’re looking to improve on what we’re doing.


June 15, 2009. Video.


  1. Randy replied:

    Like the improvements you are going to make, you also might want to eliminate some of the announcements. Also you can use voiceover work so she does not always need to be in the shot. If she is going to continue to stay in the shot, maybe remove the graphics in between each announcement. Just some ideas from a random guy.

  2. Darren replied:

    Looks like a great start. You might consider something simpler / quicker for the transitions between announcements, since a shorter show is usually preferred and holds attention better. I would love to dialog more, shoot me an e-mail if you like.

  3. Dave replied:

    Thanks for the feedback guys. We have used the voice over/ cut to graphics a few times when the announcements were just too long/ wordy. I do agree with the in between graphics being too long. It’s on my plate to create a shorter transition piece in the next few weeks.

  4. Jonathan replied:

    Hi People, we are a small church trying to firgure out
    how to get to where you are? What software do you need
    to do this and what program do I need to learn to create
    a template to do this plus what traing can I take to do
    this? It looks very good!

  5. Jonathan replied:

    Sorry what training do I need?

  6. Jonathan replied:

    We have a small computer at the church do not know if
    the graphics card can even handle video announcements.
    But we have to start some where. =)

  7. Dave replied:

    First I think the most important ingredient for announcements is creativity. It’s something I feel like we’re lacking in our announcements. I don’t have control over the script, I’m just executing ideas but it seems we’re just reading the announcements the same as if they were being read from the pulpit.

    Next there’s lots of ways to take video announcements. Here are some places I checked out:, and north point but I can’t find a link right now. Some of these are heavy on motion graphics others a simple with good on location shooting and good talent.

    As for what you need to pull this off:
    – Adobe’s Production Suite has all the software you’ll need. This has photoshop for image editing, premiere for video editing and after effects for motion graphics and compositing. You can get good non profit pricing for about $600
    – You’ll need a PC or Mac that meets the system requirements. If push came to shove you can get a lot out of an iMac in the $1500 range. Plus a media drive. An external firewire drive can be had for $150 or so I bet.
    – You’ll need a camera: A good entry level pro camera would be the JVC GY-HM100 which is about $3,500
    – You’ll want a tripod too. A cheap tripod is fine if you plan on taking static shots. If you want any pans/ tilts a good tripod is going to be north of $1k.
    – You’ll need a mic to pick them up. A wireless system is going to be $600 or so. A wired lapel about $150 a wired shotgun mic is going to be $300-600
    – If you’re shooting inside you’ll need lights. You can get creative with lights you have or cheap kits. A good kit is going to start around $1k.

    Depending on what you have and where you want to skip corners to get set up for basic video production is going to be a $5-10k investment. When I came to lakeshore we’ve invested about $20k into equipment, computers and software.

    As for training:
    – is great for getting up to speed.
    – For after effects an book my Christ and Trish Meyer or Studio Techniques with Mark Christenson are great resources.
    – There are a lot of great after effects resources for learning an technique or filter.

    Templates can be found for After Effects at places like,, you can find more by searching the web.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions

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