The Rest Of The Video Equipment

The camera post went a little long so I thought I’d break this up and talk about the rest of the video equipment.
Miller DS-20 Tripod System Ordering over the phone I actually ordered the wrong legs but they are swapping the legs out for me. They shipped me this version with alloy legs. I was using a Manofrotto/Bogen system at Grace Outreach Center. But the Miller is in a different league as you would expect from the price. The movement is smooth and controlled. It’s like a Ruth Chris steak after eating at Golden Coral. It’s so much better, but if all you’ve been eating is Golden Coral you’ll be happy with Golden Coral because ignorance is bliss. The legs that shipped with the DS-20 are annoying. I hate the bottom spreader attachment so I’m really looking forward to the carbon fiber legs. Unfortunatly they’re backordered till July.

For lighting I went with a Lowel DV Pro 55 kit. I also have a 3 light kit from Smith Vector. This should give us enough light for green screen work and just about anything else.

We’ve got a Westcott background system with black, white and green screens. It also has a double bar so I can leave the green screen up and put white or black in front of it.

For audio I’ve got some Sennheiser Lapel mics coming in.

One of piece I’m real excited about is the Matrox MX02 Mini. It gives me the i/o I need for the occasional DVD or VHS tape that will be brought to me. But it also gives me an HDMI output that I can callibrate with the included software. I use this monitor from Dell as my main monitor and I’ve ordered another to go with the Matrox because it has HDMI input. So it should be a very nice editing setup. We also have a 42″ plasma that’s not being used that I hope to use a screening monitor for when other people come into my office to preview videos.

Update: I linked to the wrong monitor. I meant to link to this monitor:


June 11, 2009. Video.

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