Web Tools: Coda and More

I’ve been doing a bit of web projects lately.

We redesigned our church’s website and moved it onto a WordPress backend.

I’ve rebranded my blog and moved it to a self-hosted wordpress blog.

In the past I was using DreamWeaver to make my edits to the code. But lately with the WordPress engine I’ve needed to focus more on the code. Even though my code mangling is based around a trial and error method I feel like I’m starting to get a grasp on CSS and HTML.

I’ve come across a new tool for web development, Coda from Panic. It’s a mac only software that combines your FTP, code editor and reference books together. And it is slick. I’ve been playing around with the demo and really like how it works. I don’t know if I’ll drop the $100 for it yet. Now that I have these sites up I don’t know how much code mangling I’ll need to do.

I’ve also found out you can develop wordpress sites locally. You can find out more here. I’ve had problems moving an existing site from the web to local development. My categories didn’t match up and caused some goofy formatting. But that could be me not following the steps right. It’s also more useful to develop a new site or redesign locally then deploy online.


January 30, 2009. Web Development.

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