The Hardest Part of

The hardest part of is choosing what classes to take. You can preview as many of the classes you want during the first 2 weeks but then you need to lock down your 3 choices. There are 5 classes that really stand out to me:
After Effects Motion Graphics: This is my primary way of using After Effects and I’m always looking at improving my skill set.
Cinema 4D and Design: I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around C4D. I took a class at FXPHD last tern that was over my head. So I went through the C4D class at and got a basic understanding of the app. But I should probably just go through the last sememster’s C4D class that I haven’t touched because it was over my head.
Color 201: This class is bout using Apple’s Color to create different looks. I have a decent grasp on Color’s basics but would like to learn more about using the tools to create various looks. I’m wondering if I might be able to learn this with the help of a book or other source even though the class looks good.
The Craft of Editing: The first two classes have been a gold mine for me. I’ve taught my self to use an editor but this is really about how to edit. The craft of editing.
Paint and Roto: I can’t say I do a lot of paint and roto in my day job. But it’s using After Effects and Mocha in ways I typically don’t. It’s a good skill set to learn and it can come in handy later on.

OK so my first take is to pass on C4D class since I have last term’s class to finish. AFX Motion Graphics and Craft of Editing I’m locking in. So now it’s a toss up between Color and Paint and Roto.

I could add on the 4th class but I’ll have problems keeping up with it. It hurts to say it but I think I’m going to take the paint and roto class just because I think I can more color training or pick it up else where compared to paint and roto training.


January 27, 2009. Personal Growth, Video.

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