FXPHD Roto Class 2

Just wanted to show some of the class work I’m learning in FXPHD. This class is about paint and roto, so removing unwanted things from the shot.

Here’s the source footage. Notice the guy on the stairs:

FXPHD Roto210 Class 02 Source from Dave Smith on Vimeo.

Now we took a still from the shot. Took it into Photoshop and using clone and other tools removed the guy on the stairs. We then tracked the shot back into the source and tried to match the camera move and camera parallax.

Here’s the final shot:

FXPHD Roto210- Class 02 from Dave Smith on Vimeo.

If you decide to join fxphd.com remember I’d appreciate the referral. I get a free class if you site me dave.smith as your referring member.


January 26, 2009. Tags: , , , . Video.


  1. Matthew Kelling replied:

    Wow, impressive… I could never get it that close. What software did you use?


  2. Dave Smith replied:

    Photoshop and After Effects. The still was “fixed” in Photoshop and then the tracking and roto was done in After Effects.

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