Getting Your Video Online

Web video is full of compromises. The compromise between quality and file size. As I’ve been writing this week we’ve talked about why we’re using video online. I also talked about how we used a Flip MinoHD to shoot a video and what tools we used to edit.

Today let’s talk about how to get the video online and get it looking it’s best. We’re trying to do this as cheap as possible so that means hosting the video at YouTube or Vimeo and embedding the video onto our site.

For awhile I preferred putting my videos on Vimeo because of the higher quality. But unless you want to pay for the Vimeo+Plus subscription of $60 a year, you’re limited 1 HD video a week and your embedded videos are going to be the SD lower quality. HD video can be demanding on the end users computer and internet connection.

So lets look at some examples. Once I exported out of iMovie I ran each clip through Compressor using a setting I use for ProPresenter. I tweaked the preset a bit from Mike Sesler’s blog.

YouTube Standard Embed. This is the basic embed code you get from any YouTube clips.

YouTube HD Embed. Following some tutorials online I added &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 to the end of the two basic YouTube embed codes.

Vimeo Embed. This is the SD version Vimeo lets you embed. The video is as clean as I could get it. I had a problem with this clip when I first put it up. I had some horrible compression artifacts. I reloaded the video and the problem went away.

Compression Test from Dave Smith on Vimeo.

Vimeo Embed (5% Noise). I brought the video into After Effects and added a noise filter. This seemed to improve the quality once encoded and reduce the compression artifacts.

Girl Talk from Dave Smith on Vimeo.

Overall I have to say I’m going to use both. I like Vimeo as a “portfollio” site for personal work. The videos play smoother (YouTube HD videos can have some frame rate issues on my laptop and internet connection). Vimeo also doesn’t have the “noise” and junk of YouTube.

But for embedding the video I think YouTube looks better and YouTube has a better searchibality for people to find videos about my church.


January 19, 2009. Uncategorized, Video.

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