Internet Video and the Church Website

Most my posts this week are going to be about internet video for the church.

We have recently rolled out a new design of our website. It’s a work in progress. We are making a push to make the site more like a magazine and less like a brochure. We want all of our sub ministries to be able to put up new content about their ministries as long as it falls into one of these three ares:

-News Nuggets: Quick posts to tell a story of why and how someone can come to a group.

-Go Beyond The Event: Content that can expand beyond an event (a service, class, outreach, social etc…)

-Connecting Points: Places and ways for people to get connected with others and the ministry

We can also put up various media: audio files, pictures and videos. It’s that last form, videos that the pastors have gotten excited about. To help them out we’ve set up a couple of times with good lighting, good audio and someone who can frame a shot to record testimonies and the like one after the other. We’ve had some takers.

But we also have some who figured out they can record video with their iSight cameras on their MacBook. While this might be great for videos to your friends on FaceBook I don’t know if it’s right for the church website.

With FaceBook you have a relationship with your “friends”. At least they already know you. But with the church website it’s often our first impression. Because we are a media rich culture the quality of the media impacts the quality of the message and of the ministry.

People may not articulate it but there is the thought, “If you can’t figure out how to make a decent video, post card, website why should I trust you with my kids, my finances or trust what you have to say.” Most don’t come out and say it but that is the perceived impression they walk away with.

I’m not saying our media has to be the best in the world, but it has to be the best we can do with the resources (the time, talent and tools) we have. To me that’s excellence.

Just because we technically can do something doesn’t mean we should.


January 19, 2009. Tags: , , . Tech Stuff, Video, Web Development.


  1. Tony Whittaker replied:

    I think that a short intro video clip for a church is a great idea, and have written about it – with an example – here:

    I’d love to have other good examples to add



  2. Dave replied:

    That’s a good idea. We have 25th anniversary video that we did for our church last year. I’m tracking down a copy of it to encode and get online.

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