Christmas Architectural Projection

If you haven’t heard of architectural projection stop and go check out Cameron Ware’s website,

So I wanted to do something new for Christmas Eve. It’s during those services that we keep the house lights low. We used 2 Dell projectors that we use for special events. They are about 3,000 ANSI lumen and we under $1k from Sams Club. I ran ProPresenter from Renewed Vision on my laptop because we have a site license.

Here’s a picture from one of the “darker” points of the service (It’s from my phone so it is what it is):

Architectual Projection

Architectual Projection

I got lots of positive comments about the projection. We’re going to experiment with doing something similar with the lights up.

The big lesson I learned is that when you project images that large, any motion is exaggerated! I see why Cameron is a big fan of still images. Especially when you’re projecting on the sides of a room you don’t want the motion to distract from the stage. So test your backgrounds before you go live!

So have you tried or do you use Architectural Projection? I’d love to hear your story and see some pictures.


January 12, 2009. Tags: , . Tech Stuff, Video.

One Comment

  1. Andrew replied:

    Hi there, I know this is an old post… I’ve been looking in to projecting on to the outside of our building, it wasn’t a great as I’ve seen elsewhere, but still got the attention of people passing by!

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