What I’ve Been Listening To…

I’ve been on a jazz kick lately. I’ve also noted that iTunes has been posting some $5 album sales. Now for me I don’t like buying DRM music and I want to pay as little as possible. So my first stop has been iTunes because they have the best user interface and high quality previews. Then I’ll jump over to Amazon.com and check out their MP3 downloads and see who’s cheaper and if the album I want from iTunes is a iTunes+ album (higher quality and no DRM). Anyway…

-Miles Davis Quintet: The Legendary Prestige Quintet Series
-John Coltrane: Blue Train
-Miles Davis: Birth of Cool

As you can tell I’m a fan of late 50s early 60s jazz. Just sharing what I’m enjoying.


November 21, 2008. Tags: , . Random, Sound.


  1. Adam Oas replied:

    My Jazz influences (the jazz i’ve got in iTunes) include

    Jolie Holland
    Miles Davis
    Dave Brubeck
    Marc Antoine
    Beastie Boys

    The Beasties are included partially for a lark and partially for the fact that they have a lot of jazz style influence in some of their works.

    Marc Antoine is the one and only CD that I’ve ever purchased solely due to the fact that it was on a listening station at a record store. I was waiting for my brother to pick out some stuff and stuck the headphones on. After listening for a minute I decided that I needed the CD and really enjoy it.

  2. genepensiero replied:

    if you enjoy those ‘older’ jazz musicians, i would heartily suggest Wes Montgomery. definitely more guitar oriented than Miles or Coltrane.

    also, an absolute must have track is Ode To A Kudu by George Benson. a lot of Benson’s stuff is a bit too Soul for me, but Ode To A Kudu is a must have….also Willow Weep For Me.


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