Social Media and the Church

As I’ve been thinking about how the church can better communicate, social media keeps coming up. But the challenge for me has been how can some of these technologies be leveraged by the church.

My Space and Face Book are probably the most popular social media networks. But it’s challenging for a business or organization to leverage either of these networks. Except for myspace music/ band pages. The reason for this is most social networks are about people connecting to other people.

The social network that I think has the most potential for the church I think is Twitter. If you’re not familiar with Twitter check this out: That link takes you to a video that describes the network better than I could.

While Twitter may seem mundane. Who really cares about “What Are You Doing?” But the truth is I’ve found it helpful to connect with experts and others in fields I’m interested in (video production and graphic design). But I’ve found I can stay in touch with some friends better than I could through their facebook updates or even the occasional email.

So how does this apply to the church?
– You can send messages out to all your followers
– You can poll all your followers or have them submit ideas and/or questions
– You can get a pulse of what’s going on in people’s lives from their twitter updates. It’s amazing how many prayer requests I’ve seen
– You can search through Twitter to see what others are talking about. Or what people are talking about your organization.

So how can your ministry begin to use Twitter? Develop a Twitter Plan
– Choose your twitter check in times
– Plan 3-5 daily tweets
– Schedule your tweets using
– Create an auto-welcome message and a auto follow message. (you can ditch and block the spam accounts that pop up
– Supplement with spontaneous Tweets


November 18, 2008. Tags: , , , . Marketing, Tech Stuff.

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