Dallas After Effects User Group

There’s another meeting of the Dallas After Effects User Group this Thursday (Nov 11). Last month I was supposed to demo Mocha and it’s integration with After Effects. Unfortunately a small family emergency popped up (my wife was locked out of the house with two tired kids) prevented me from making it last time. So this time I hope to present what was planned for the last meeting.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll be working on:
One of the big additions to After Effects CS4 is MochaAE. I’ve been using Mocha for several months now and it blow After Effects point tracker away. Mocha is a planar tracker that works by defining the plain you want to track and then works on differentiating the plain to track from the background.

Here’s some issues that AE’s point tracker can’t handle but Mocha handles with ease:
-Motion Blur
-Noise/ Grain
-Tracks that start and/or move off screen
-Objects that obscure part of the track

I’m giving a crash course on how to use Mocha. Here’s an example of what I quickly cranked out that we’ll be working dealing with tracks that move off screen and are obscured. The track is decent for how quick I did it. The composite is bad but the focus is on how to use Mocha, not compositing skills.

For more info check out the Dallas AE User Group site: http://www.dallasaeug.com


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