Better YouTube Videos

Once again I maybe late to this party but I just found out not only are there higher quality videos on YouTube, there are QuickTime videos on YouTube. If there are QuickTime videos you can watch them in QT or download them.

I don’t like it but I’ve been asked several times to pull a clip of YouTube before. My previous workflow was:
1) Use Firefox and the download helper plug-in to navigate to the page
2) Use the download helper to download the flv life
3) Use the now discontinues Visual Hub to convert the YouTube video to something useful.

But you can add a bookmark to your web browser with the javascript found at Mac OS X Hints

Once you’re on the YouTube page it will reload the page with a QT movie instead of a Flash movie. If you have QT Pro you can download the file and/or convert it into your desired format.

Props to Jonas Hummelstrand for the tip. He’s got a great blog about video production and After Effects. He’s the one who introduced me to as well.


October 9, 2008. Tags: , , . Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. Ian Lankford replied:

    I hate it when people ask me to get YouTube videos !

    I have a somewhat more complicated way of doing it . . . I use the S-Video out of my laptop to go into a Mini-DV camcorder . . . then I go back into my laptop using a mini Firewire connection and capture it in Vegas.

    I know, it’s crazy . . . but it works with the stuff we have lol. Plus, we only do SD at the moment, so I can get away with it.

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand replied:


    I was asked to download videos from YouTube today, and it was a three-step process:
    1. Use the bookmark to get high quality.
    2. Use “DownloadHelper” plugin for Firefox to save the FLV
    3. Transcode it to DVCPRO25 with ffmpeg.

    Part 3 is the tricky one, but you could use the method of opening the video in QuickTime Player Pro and save as source.

  3. lechatnoir replied:

    OMG! it seems to work , thx buddy – )) I was so looking for this

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