Editing Perspective

The video posted yesterday was too long. When I was working on it last Wed and Thursday I didn’t think so. But when it showed during the weekend, it was. You see when I was editing the video clip I had spent over an hour interviewing Dr. Gordon. I came away with about 40 minutes of footage that I edited down to 3 minutes. The problem was it should have only been 2 minutes. But I didn’t realize that until I walked away from the video for a day. By the time I realized that it was too late to fix it.

It would be great to have videos finished a week before to let the breathe and review them before they’re played in service but I don’t have that luxury. I also know that I’m a creative team of one. I can run with a bad idea a long time before I realize it’s a bad idea. I also am prejudice because, for this project, I sat through the interviews and edited down the 40 minutes of footage.

So how can I get perspective on my edits if I don’t have time to let them breathe?
– Force myself to view the piece from fresh eyes. Does it make sense? Is it too long? Is it too short? How is the pace?
– Get others to view it. This can be a challenge because you need to interpret what they are saying. How do you take their impressions and transfer that feedback into meaningful information. How do you isolate what maybe distracting them, is it a style issue, the music, the pace or are the edits in the wrong place.

I guess this post doesn’t have many clear cut answers, more of a mental dump. But I’m going to seek more feedback on my edits after this weekend.


October 7, 2008. Tags: , . Video.


  1. Adam Oas replied:

    Doh… That was going to be my comment, but I’m so in tuned to the :30 & even :15 these days that I wasn’t sure of myself and of your context for it. Truth be told I ended up jumping over part of what he was saying. I will however add that I was more interested in the design and tech aspects when I watched it, out of context.

  2. Brent Homer replied:

    the real issue is finding someone to confide in. Some people HAVE to criticize, others will always fail to offer reasonable suggestions. Its good to have someone to view it, its harder to find someone informed enough to offer tangible criticism.

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