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Here’s a quick tip I figured out this week. Most of the videos I do I create in After Effects. I then need to score the audio. I like using Sound Track Pro for this. I think the bundled sound fx are great plus the toolset is efficient for lining up sound cues to specific points of action.

But I’ve always been a little confused with what to do afterwards. I have a .mov file from AE that’s huge and I have my audio file from SoundTrackPro. But how do I merge them?

If I ran it back trough AE I’m either going to have to wait for the render time and/or I’m creating another huge video file. In the past I’d dump them into Final Cut Pro and have FCP render out a reference movie so the file size was much smaller. But FCP doesn’t like my “Church Def” formats and FCP is going to create a bunch of folders just to do this one small task.

Now you may already have known this but QuickTime Pro can knock this simple step out. Here’s how:

1) Open the audio file and movie file in QT
2) With the audio file selected select all (cmd+A or Edit/Select All) then copy it (cmd+C or Edit/Copy)
3) Select the movie file and add the audio file to the movie file (Edit/Add To Selection & Scale)
4) Save your movie file

Tada! That’s it. Wish I would have known that a while ago. And if you already knew it, why didn’t you share it?


October 3, 2008. Tags: , , . Sound, Tech Stuff, Video.

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