FXPHD.com Oct 2008 Term

I’ve really enjoyed my time at fxphd.com. It is by far the best training I’ve found. The show you the techniques to using the tools to pull off work on real world projects. You usually get high quality footage to work with and to create your own versions of the the project.

I’m really excited about the new semester.
AFX202: After Effects Project A-Z
AFX 222: After Effects Broadcast Design
VFX101: Intro to Compositing with Ron Brinkmann
DCT101: Digital Color Theory
C4D203: Cinema4D and AE in Production II
FCP213: FCP Techniques and Creative Editing

Now just to figure out which classes look best for me. If you decide to join, do me a favor and use my username: dave.smith as a referring member. I can pick up a free class to make this decision easier.

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  1. Adam Oas replied:

    Hey Dave,

    How much time are you spending each week on your classes?

  2. Dave replied:

    A semester has 4 classes (3 you can choose and the required background class). The target length of each class is 30 minutes but I have 2 classes this semester that have been closer to 60 minutes each. So that puts me at about 3 hours just watching classes each week.

    Then there are projects you can choose to work on. But I say on average I spend about 4-6 hours per week.

    My work is on a budget freeze so I really don’t think I’m going to be taking classes this semester. I need to take that time and focus on learning Cinema 4D which I have sitting at the bottom of my dock. Waiting to be used.

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