Worship Background: Answers for the Stress and Strain of Life

So I’ve been wanting to create worship backgrounds that tie into the theme of the message. Don’t want them to be too obvious with a logo on the screen. But I was looking for something to echo the style and color palette. So here’s my first go at it:

Here’s what I did.
1) Created a composition in Photoshop that had my background and each paint blob on it’s own layer.
2) Brought the PSD file into AE.
3) Created a comp in AE that was 3 times wider than.
4) Used motion tile on the background
5) Arranged the paint splatters around the comp.
6) I used ink drops from Andrew Kramer’s Riot Gear as luma mattes to animate the paint splats on.
7) I then nested the comp into a 4:3 comp and animated the comp from left to right.
8) Arranged it so the beginning and end frame matched.

I got inspired and used a technique from Brad at ChurchMediaDeisn.tv. It was episode 9 he talked about creating loops.


September 25, 2008. Tags: , , , . Video.


  1. jesseryan replied:

    i like it. ur a genius. no seriously, i like it. keep it up.

  2. mylifeisepic replied:

    looks great!!

  3. Adam Oas replied:

    I dunno exactly what you’re going for, but I might’ve tried some blending modes on your paint splatters to make them seem more a part of the parchment. Looks good as is tho!

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