Digital Signage: Up Close And Personal

Here’s a quick digital signage piece I put together this week for an upcoming class. There is no audio because our digital signage system doesn’t use audio.

I repurposed some content from an old video that was used at a special service. I then stylized it differently giving it more of an archived film look. I used the Camera plug-in I’m testing from DigiEffects. This compressed version makes it hard to see the detail in the dust, grain and scratches. I’m also not wild about the text transition. Needed an more organic and slower wipe. Overall I’m happy with it for the 30 minutes or so I spent on it.


September 19, 2008. Tags: , , . Video.


  1. robert sharp replied:

    Dave, this is great work. I’m looking for Worship/Religious video samples that use Digieffects plugins. Let’s talk!


  2. Ian Lankford replied:

    Very nice, but I see what you wanted with the text. I saw this cool ‘soak into the canvas’ effect to fade the words in at a conference. It was a new “That’s my King” video.

    How did you do the layered effect in the beginning ? Did you take the picture, chop it up in Photoshop, and then relayer it with motion ?

    This might be a standard kind of thing, but I’ve never done it before and want to try it.

  3. Dave replied:

    You pretty much have the idea. You can google Ken Burns After Effects and probably find a dozen or so tutorials.

    The basic idea is to cut the layers up in Photoshop. Then clone the background to cover the holes a camera move would reveal. In After Effects you position the layers in 3d space and animate your camera.

    That’s the rough overview of it. I’m going to tweak the text animation for next week.

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