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So after talking about the benefits of networking in my last post, I’ve been persuaded to finally get onto facebook. I don’t know why it took me so long. I know myspace turned me off from the get go from the horrible design of the site. I just couldn’t bring myself to use it or get involved with it.

So being new to the facebook scene, how are you guys using facebook either personally or professionally? Is it beneficial or a waste of time?

There are probably a lot of Dave Smith’s on Facebook. Here’s my page.


September 11, 2008. Tags: , , . Tech Stuff.


  1. Adam Oas replied:

    I’m still a proponent of the “professional organization” when it comes to social networking. There is little to replace real face time.

    I personally however, do need to “get with the times” as far as a lot of these online sites.

    BUT! You need to take heed! Those posts about that wild college weekend where you did that thing that you’re not so proud about today? You can be assured that your next potential employer will probably be less enamored with it than your buddies!

  2. Dave replied:

    There are certainly some pitfalls to social networking.

    I’m also thinking about this from the church perspective, which is basically a social network itself. How can the church leverage this technology to make the most impact?

    It’s free to get involved. Social networking sites are some of the most popular sites on the web.

    I haven’t figured it out but I’m thinking about it and trying to learn about it.

  3. lechatnoir replied:

    Dave you don’t think setting up a Churchy networking site do you – ). I have not joined either of the 2 xing is much more my type type of Netw site as it doesn’t need constant updating .

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