Get Out Of That Rut

I don’t know if you’re like me but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. It’s easy to stay so busy doing what I’m doing I don’t have time to look up and around at what’s going on around me. If you’re on staff at a church it’s easy to get stuck in your church circle. I often feel like I’m running a race with blinders on.

I’ve come to realize the value of getting together with other techs or artists to see what they’re doing. Unfortunately in church circles it’s easy for us to get jealous of what other churches may be doing. Thinking man if I just had those resources I could do ______. But that’s totally missing the point. I enjoy getting together with other guys because I get to see what’s happening in the Big C “Church” as a hole, to get inspired by influences I may not have seen and to challenge myself to step up my game.

I have to say two technologies have really changed my mindset towards networking. One is blogs. I’ve been able to meet some great guys through blogs and email. Some of these relationships have turned into local friendships while others are friendships over email.

The second technology that has changed my idea of networking is Twitter. Last Friday it was through a Tweet that I found out about a Dallas Tech Director’s lunch from Ryan Howell that was taking place at a church around the corner from where I live. I found Ryan’s Twitter feed during Echo. There I met Jason Cole from Lake Pointe church, Brian Davis from Fellowship Bible Church Dallas and some other guys from around the area.

I also had the chance to hang out with Camron Ware from Irving Bible Church. He gave me a tour of their building then we made a run for On The Border and had some lunch.

I have to say for me these have been some great refreshing times for me. It’s great to get around like minded people to find out what’s inspiring them, what they’re learning and sometimes vent some common frustrations. I always walk away feeling refreshed, recharged and excited about what God is doing in the Big “C” Church.

I know I live in a place that’s unique, Dallas has a bunch of churches that are large enough to have technical and creative staffs. If you live in a smaller metroplex find out who’s around you. Get into the blog world or Twitter and see what friendships might emerge. I’ve enjoyed some of the email conversations I’ve had with some of you guys.


September 10, 2008. Tags: , , . Personal Growth.


  1. Jaco replied:

    Hi Dave, I’m interested, how did you start out with Twitter? Who told you about it? How do you meet people on Twitter? What tools do you use and recommend to Twitter? There’s very few in South Africa (actually none that I know of) that uses Twitter but I wouldn’t mind being the pioneer here… 🙂

  2. Dave replied:

    I heard about twitter from my good friend Aaron. With both thought it was very cool but we were the only 2 we knew who were using it. We felt like big time dorks just twittering each other. I then started tying it into my blog and using it to make “mini-posts” or “status updates”. At some point it’s started to take off, it was really around some conferences. You can search twitter and find out what people are saying about an event. That lets you hear what other people are finding interesting and their thoughts on what you’re seeing. That kind of got the snow ball rolling. Don’t know if that saying is popular in South Africa?

  3. Adam Oas replied:

    Dont forget the professional groups! Your local AEUG and FCPUG groups…

  4. Dave replied:

    Good point Adam. I’ve been bummed that I missed the last few AE meetings (prior family plans one time and then was sick as a dog the other). I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

    I really need to make it to a FCP meeting. Might see how the family is and go tonight.

  5. Adam Sharkey replied:

    I was wondering if I could get the PSD file for your refresh graphic. I understand if you can’t but I would love it if you could help me out.

    Thanks Adam

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