My Easy Button for Digital Signage

One of my responsibilities is creating content for our digital signage system.

Here’s a quick overview of our digital signage:
-An 8 channel Enseo video server that feeds 12 LCDs around the church. Video is SD but scales nicely since most people are 15+ feet away from any screen. Video only no audio.
-A Sony media server that feeds a projector. The projector shoots onto a reversa (7.0 gain ration makes is viewable in broad daylight) screen that is hung in the windows about our main entrance. SD video, no audio
-Main screens in sanctuary plays the video clips our of ProPresenter

Sometimes I have the time and I use digital signage projects to get creative and try new techniques. Other times I just have to crank them out. When I have to crank them out I’ve found a couple of great resources.

The first is Igniter’s Bumpers. I’ll bring the bumpers into After Effects and add my text there. Instead of using the included JPEG files I tend to just time remap my videos and hold the last frame. I would love to see a pro version of the bumpers that had tracking information and maybe text transitions to match the animation. But I’ve tracked a few of them on my own. Here are some examples:

Another great resource is templates. In fact Motion has some great looking templates that I’ve used. Here’s one of them I used this weekend:

I love resources that make look like I am better than I am and have more time than I really have. They’ve helped me, hope the help you. Do you have any resources that are you’re “Easy Button” that you’d like to share?

September 1, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . Video.

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