Video: GPS Intro

It seems I’m starting to get this request from my pastor more and more. He gives me a list of facts or wants a topical background on a subject then tells me to make a video.

Like the Mind Games intro video we did last fall:

Well last weekend we started a series called GPS: God’s Positioning System. I was asked to give a brief history of how GPS was unveiled, how it works and then something to engage the audience. And I was given the movie Enemy of the State as a visual reference.

So I thought about a way to tell this story. The route I came up was a computer interface to tell the story. So the video is an overview of a computer screen and jumps to sections to break it up and bring focus.

I should have started at my close up dimensions and work backwards, but I didn’t. I wanted my close ups to fill the screen with out cropping but the don’t. I feel the style was very similar to the mind games video. Any ideas on how I could have done it better?

And I know this copy has 2 typos in it. Caught one after Sat service. Didn’t catch the other one until Monday. My wife usually proofs all my content but this one came down to the wire.


August 27, 2008. Tags: , , , . Video.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    wow! that was outstanding! I love the personal touch of the zoom into your church. I don’t have AE for the mac, so I have been trying to figure out how parenting works in motion, but I gave up 😦

    Here is my question(s): Did you do any other work while you did this? How many hours/days did this take you?

    I always want to do cool leader stuff like this, but with digital signage/av/lights/print work / etc It just ends up being way to much.

  2. Dave replied:

    Thanks for the kind words. I had just under 2 weeks to complete the video. But this wasn’t the only other project I worked on. I did 2 other quick videos, went to a echo conference, 2 bulletin designs, web updates, got ProPresenter stations installed in 2 rooms and sermon gfx for those weeks.

    I think I might have spent 30 hours on the project. A good chunk of that time was in the planning stage, it took me way too long to get a creative direction. Once I got the direction I wanted to go it was only about 12 hours for animation and sound scoring.

  3. Jaco replied:

    David, excellent work. I’m much in the same boat as you since I’m the only full time staff member in our media department and have to look after sound, lighting, video, web & here and there a bit of design…

    Only thing I might add is a typewriter like sound effect when the text comes up (or even better the sound effect they use in Mission Impossible when text are displayed 🙂 Keep it up and thanx for taking the time to do this blog, I really enjoy it and I’m learning quite a bit from you. I’ll comment a bit more often in the future.

  4. Jason replied:

    Okay, so nutshell it for me…i am currently using Sony Vegas but still VERY ELEMENTARY. I’d love to create something close to what you’ve created here but not real sure what else to use or where the elements come from. ANY thoughts would be awesome…what can i use to animate text…is Vegas good enough to use for what i want to do or is it still too basic?


  5. Dave replied:

    I just watched the GPS video again and the animation is pretty simple. The only thing that Vegas wouldn’t be able to pull off would be the zoom from space to my old church. I also don’t know the best way to add noise/ aged video look in Vegas.

    The mind games video above it had more eye candy with the moving bars and such.

    I’ve heard great things about Vegas as an editing tool for both audio and video but I have no experience with it, let alone it’s tool set for motion graphics.

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