iPhone Mail Tip

OK this should be my last iPhone post for awhile. This is a tip I’m posting if not for anything else to remind myself if I need to setup my iPhone from scratch again.

My work does zero spam filtering on the server level. This annoys me to no end because I’ve had the same work email address since 1999. Back before spam had hit full force. Before I realized not to give my email address out when signing up for every little thing…… OK I’m back from my rant. But to say the least about 75% of my email is spam. I’ve tried several times to get the IT department to see the value of postini but it’s lost. Even though Google has great non-profit pricing…. OK I’m back from that rant too.

So here’s what I do. I forward my work email account to a gmail account I setup. In gmail I turned on IMAP. You’ll need to setup your gmail account as an other account using IMAP, not as a gmail account on the iPhone. This means that when I check my email in one place (gmail on the web, Apple Mail, or iPhone Mail), whatever changes are made in all places. So I don’t have to wade through the same emails in Mail and my iPhone. Google has a great spam filter. I saw my spam drop from 75 emails a day to 1 or 2.

Now here’s the tricky part. I want my email sent from my gmail account to look like it was sent from my work account. In gmail preferences online you can turn on aliasing, and enter your work address. On the iPhone you just change your email address under IMAP account information. Tada it’s internet magic!

I do have a media related post coming later today.


August 27, 2008. Tags: , , , . Tech Stuff.

One Comment

  1. JohnJones replied:

    the irony is that postini are doing part of the gmail filtering…

    services such as postini do a alright job but please note you need to train them and when you just point your MX (your mail exchanger record) at them they can cull some legit mail the best thing is a mail filter that works on the server and learns from your mail ala gmail does

    glad you like IMAP !
    much better than evil pop3…


    John Jones

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