iPhone Frustrations

I had a few frustrations with my 3G iPhone today and my wife’s 2G iPhone over the weekend. I tweeted about them but I’ll expand them here. So hopefully if you run across either problem you’ll know how to fix it.

Problem 1: Wife’s 2G iPhone
My wife is a 9th grade English teacher and her school district runs an exchange server. Out of curiosity of Apple’s new support for exchange in the 2.0 software we plugged her information and used the web access address as her exchange server. KaPow! She had full access to her email, calender and contact through Exchange. She was the bomb on campus because tech support being limited didn’t support this. She found out when one of the principals saw her check her email on her iPhone and said he had asked for it to be setup on his smartphone and tech support for the school said no.

Well over the weekend they rolled out Exchange 2007. New web log in and from my understanding they can now turn off active sync separately from web access. I’m not a computer network guy so if I’m wrong in my ideas or explanation feel free to correct me.

But loosing contact with the exchange server also meant that her contacts, which were being sync’d over the air were lost. No problem we’ll use the backup in iTunes but it somehow was corrupted. What’s the point of a backup that becomes corrupted. And I couldn’t find a way to pull an older backup through TimeMachine.

She lost some contacts, pictures and notes. So the moral of the story is if it’s really important, don’t put it just one place.

Problem 2: My 3G iPhone
Turned my iPhone on this morning and got the icon saying to connect to iTunes. I connected to iTunes and I got this error:

I then tried a hard restore (reset your iPhone while connected, then when it comes back on just hold the home button). This puts the phone into recovery mode. But the problem wouldn’t go away. Tried removing and reinserting the SIM card. No luck.

Luckily I work 10 minutes from an Apple Store so I made an appointment at the Genius bar. After arriving they quickly recognized the problem. The SIM reader was broken. Don’t know how but 20 minutes later I was walking out with a new iPhone.

So the moral of this story is new iPhone is better than a broken iPhone.


August 26, 2008. Tags: . Tech Stuff.

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