I Have Processes For A Reason

Last Saturday morning I shot some family portrait shots for a friend. We woke up early and met them at a local park. On my camera’s card was also some pictures I had taken at some missions down in San Antonio. But in the rush of getting back and getting up early I didn’t download the pictures from San Antonio before going out to shoot.

They wanted to see the pictures so I had brought by laptop. My usual process is to use Lightroom to import from the card and I store them on a small portable G-Drive Mini. Being in a rush I just dumped the pictures onto my laptop drive thinking I’d put them on the proper drive later.

Well I moved the files around. Then deleted them thinking I’ll just pull them off the camera when I plug my normal drive in. Then I ended up deleting the card when I wanted to take some pictures of my kids.

But then I remembered the power of TimeMachine in Leopard. Surely it would save me. But if you don’t sync between the time you put the file on and the time you delete the file, it doesn’t work. Surprise… Surprise…

I wish I had some super cool trick to share with you how I rescued my pictures from San Antonio but I don’t. At least the pictures weren’t that important. I has going to print some up and start putting them up and home. O Well…

I guess the moral of the post is if you have a process. Make sure you stick with it. Or at least that’s the moral for me. I forget things when I get out of my process.


August 13, 2008. Graphic Design, Tech Stuff.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    I am a sloppy person at heart. everything I do leaves a disaster behind me…but when it comes to video and production, I am almost OCD about workflow.

    When I train people I try to encourage them to develop a routine in handling media and outputs, but they are usually arty types who won’t listen. Then they get frustrated and quit.

    I had to force myself to be disciplined with editing, but it has really paid off. Don’t discount routine when it comes to workflows…..

  2. Dave replied:

    I’ve had a hard time getting other ministries to see the value of proper archive of their projects. Guess they thing they’ll never use up that 250 GB or 500 GB media drive they have. Or that their media drive will ever fail or be damaged!

    But some of these guys have 2 years worth of projects on their media drives and no other copies. I keep at least 3 copies of my projects (a copy on 2 hard drives and a copy on DVD).

    At least I didn’t loose anything of real value.

  3. Josh Hargrove replied:

    At least the pictures turned out nice! Besides, who wants trees and architecture and junk when you can have photos of a family that good-lookin!

    Thanks again, man!

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