30 Minute Worship Service

The last few days my wife and I were able to drop the kids off with the grandparents and we headed down to San Antonio for a couple of nights.

On the way down we passed a church in Waco that advertised 30 minute worship services. You can check them out at 30minuteworship.com.

My first impression was to laugh. But the more I thought about it it became more brilliant. Here’s some of the reasons I think it’s a great idea:

– How many people complain about church is how long the services are? Either it’s too long or the time is inconsistant from week to week.

– For the unchurched an hour to two hour service is a long time. Most TV shows are 30 minutes to an hour. Movies and special events run longer.

– I know when I was a youth pastor I often let a service go too long. Well I spoke too long because I was nervous about the altar call because I was trusting in my ability and not Gods ability. I also know in video editting most videos go too long. Not only in my own projects but how many movies are 30 minutes too long?

So how does this apply to your church?Well that’s only something you can answer. But hopefully it’s some food for thought. It would be interesting to see how this service works as a front door for this church.

It’s late and I have to work in the morning. I’m writting this on the wordpress app for my iPhone. Hopefully it will all work well without too many typos.


August 6, 2008. Random.

One Comment

  1. Kevin replied:

    Thanks for your openness to what we are doing. We’ve been crucified by a lot of other churches for this, but they’re missing the point of why it’s done and they feel it can’t be genuine because it doesn’t fit in our little box of how God “has to” work.

    We still have our “normal” service which lasts an hour and twenty minutes, but we offer this service for a number reasons: 1) We have some people who work on Sunday and it works for them to be able to go to service; 2) We have people who suffer from medical conditions who can’t sit for more than 30 minutes at a time; and 3) We use this service for all of our volunteers who serve in some other place in ministry on Sunday mornings at our 10 worship gathering.

    The ultimate goal is to get people to come into the door and then work them into our community. Thanks again for your openness and I pray you have an incredible weekend!

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