Two Macs One Keyboard and Mouse

In our sanctuary we have 3 macs:
– iMac running ProPresenter and iTunes for preservice music
– G5 Power Mac running ProVideoPlayer
– MacBookPro running ProTools and VMWare Fussion to run Studio Manager for the M7CL, RaneNet for our DSP units and LectroNet for our Lectro wireless mics plus IAS for frequency coordination. If I haven’t written about IAS I need to.

In our setup I have 1 volunteer run ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer. So it’s one person controlling 2 computers. This has been OK. We have 2 keyboards and mice. It’s mainly been fine because we don’t have many changes in ProVideoPlayer. But it’s always great to simplify something.

Enter Teleport. It’s an application that allows one keyboard and mouse to control multiple macs. This differs from screen sharing, remote access or VNC in that when you move your mouse off your main screen it appears on the secondary mac. All mouse movement and keystrokes are registering on the second mac. Just move your mouse back and you’re on the main mac.

I had heard of Synergy before. It does the same thing as Teleport but will work across multiple platforms. But the installation of Synergy requires some nitty gritty stuff and you’re tweaking files in a text editor to get multiple monitors laid out properly. Teleport is a much easier solution if you’re just using macs.

Both our ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer are running Leopard. The installation of Teleport adds an option in systems preferences. Once both machines had Teleport installed you select to activate teleport and then share the “slave” computer. I had it up and running in about 3 minutes. I did have to rearrange my displays so I didn’t have to drag through my live or presentation screen to get to the other computer.

My weekend volunteers really liked this solution so I thought I’d share what I found.


August 4, 2008. Tags: , , , . Tech Stuff, Video.

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  1. Me replied:

    Great tip! Thanks!

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