Rechargeable Batteries and Wireless Mics

With the economy struggling in our nation, those struggles will impact the church. Luckily living in Dallas our economy is stronger than most of the economies in the nation. But as a church we are looking for ways to maximize our budget even more.

So I’ve started looking in to rechargeable batteries for our wireless mics. We spend about $2k a year in batteries for our mics just in the sanctuary. That’s not counting any of the other rooms where services are going on.

At one time rechargeable batteries gave pathetic performance in a wireless mic. But technology changes and I’m hearing some good things about a couple of brands.

Mike Sessler on his blog talked about the initial transitionand a 2 year update. He’s been using the Ansmann rechargeables from Horizon Battery. He said the 250mah 9v powers his Shure ULXP mics (same we have) for 4 hours.

From a different angle I talked to Gordon Moore of Lectrosonics and also Shure’s tech support and they both recomend iPower offers a 500mah 9v battery. That should get the usage in our Shure ULXP handhelds up around 6+ hours. That should cover us for practice and services on any day.

Our practice has been to leave the transmitters on from practice straight through service (we use the power lock feature to ensure once they’re on the stay on). But if needed the Shure’s are easy enough to be powered down when not in use.

I’m going to order some of the iPower units to do some test and see if it’s viable for us. I’ll post updates as the come.

Anyone else using rechargeable’s in their wireless? What were your results like?


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  1. Dell laptop battery replied:

    I think that wireless batteries would be an amazing idea! But then again we have too many waves floating in this atmosphere…. and we do not know how it will affect the human body. Whether its FCC approved or not, it probably will make it to the market, and we just have to wait and see how it will turn out..

  2. David replied:

    We have been using for Ansmann batteries for about a month and ran into a few problems. (Mics not powering, underpowered Mics, Powered mic no transmitting)

    How are the iPower batteries working for you?


  3. Dave replied:

    I hate to say it but we haven’t made the switch yet. I made a request for them to test but the request slipped through the cracks.

  4. joe replied:

    I have been using the ipower DC 9V-520mAh Li-Polymer batteries in my line 6 xdr 95 wireless guitar system for about 7 months now and they work great. I only loose about an hour of on time with this battery.
    As far as I know, this is the best battery out there for wireless systems right now.

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