iPhone 3G

When the iPhone 3G was first announced I was excited about it. And so was my wife because she wanted one, or at least an iPhone. Well as things have unfolded the new iPhone is pretty slick, but an incremental upgrade from my original 8GB iPhone.

But my wife was tired of her 3 year old Razr. She likes the phone for talking but she likes texting, surfing the web, checking her email and now playing games on my iPhone. So to please my wife if sacrifices were to be made I got the 3G and set her up with my old one. OK it wasn’t a sacrifice, but it wasn’t a revolutionary upgrade either.

So I ordered the white 16 GB on Thursday the 24th. I was told it would take 10 to 21 days. I got a call on Monday, 4 days later, that it was ready for me to pick up. Much better than waiting 5 hours at an Apple store. I picked the white because the black shows ever fingerprint. And if I’m going to be in a 2 year contract I wanted the 16 GB.

My first thought are:
– 16 GB I can fit all my music on my iPhone (I did go through and delete about 1 GB of stuff I have on CD but haven’t listened to)
– I like the feel of the curved back of the phone in my had
– 3G has good coverage in the North Dallas area. In that good coverage 3G is way faster than the edge and even faster than the DSL at the office at times. (We have 50 CPUs connected to 2 DSL lines)
– GPS is pretty cool. iPhone would get me in the block I was on, GPS gets me within a couple hundred yards.
– I don’t think the 3G creates the interference in unbalanced audio lines in my car and office that my first iPhone had. I was listening to a podcast of my iPhone, forced it to check email, which used to always cause interference on the 1/8″ to Cassette adapter I use, but was clean. Yeah!!!
– It is louder in both the ear piece and speaker.

Some things I didn’t expect:
– Even restoring from my old iPhone it doesn’t remember passwords to wi-fi networks or MY VOICEMAIL! In fact when I would click on the voicemail icon it started dialing my voicemail. I had to re-enter my voice mail password in the preferences and all was working.
– Apparently when setting up my old iPhone for my wife, you need a new sim card. I had already asked the AT&T guy if I needed anything or if I could activate it from home. So I put in the SIM card from her Razr and it seems to be working.


July 29, 2008. Tags: . Tech Stuff.

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