ProPresenter and 3 Screens

We’ve been using ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer with the Advance Module since last October. ProVideoPlayer output feeds 4 plasmas on our stage while ProPresenter feeds our 2 projector screens. The advance module alows PVP to control the background elements in ProPresenter.

Well this week I updated to 3.4 of ProPresenter and noticed that the advance module now supports Matrox’s Triple Head 2 Go. It gives you the ability to have ProPresenter background to span all 3 screens and you can control which screens your text is displayed on.

This means an iMac ($1,500 or less) + ProPresenter ($400 single users license) + Advance Module ($200) + Triple Head 2 Go ($300) = Great display and control of 3 projector screens for $2,400.

We are switching our youth rooms and young adults room to ProPresenter in the next week or so. Our young adults room has 3 screens that I think will be the perfect application for this. They were using 2 PCs with Easy Worship running through 2 kramer vp719 switchers. So you could put any input on either the center or outside screens. Which has gotten them into some tech problems. I’m thinking of running this setup but only run the center screen through the Kramer Switcher so DVDs if they use them will only show up on the center screen.

I’ll keep you posted how this project plays out.


July 23, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    WOW! Thanks for that. We are having a conferences and might have 3 screens, this looks like an excellent way to utilize them.

    Do you think an imac could do 3 screens?

  2. Dave replied:

    Matrox lists it the iMac when you check the compatability with the Triple Head 2 Go in both the analog and digital versions.

    I think it’s really the Matrox box that’s doing the heavy lifting.

  3. Brad replied:

    –“I think it’s really the Matrox box that’s doing the heavy lifting.”

    The Matrox box is only taking the wide image and splitting it into three different pieces. The Advanced Module in ProPresenter makes use of these three screens by duplicating content (whether backgrounds or text) on the individual portions output by theTripleHead2Go.

    No question, we couldn’t do it without the Matrox, but we’ve risked a back injury lifting our portion too 🙂

    See more info at

  4. Dave replied:

    Thanks for chiming in. Are the system requirements for this feature the same as ProPresenter itself?

    How are foreground elements handled? Images and Videos? Are they span across all 3 screens or do the follow the settings set for text?

  5. Matt Kerner replied:

    This looks like a really great option. What level of flexibility is there in the displays? Can you play different backgrounds on different screens? Is the background stretched across all three or is it tiled?

    Not sure if this is what’s happening, but multiple display panes would be outstanding for people that already have 3+ video outputs.

  6. Dave replied:

    From what I can tell in tinkering around with it…

    Your background either spans all 3 screens or is tiled.

    Your text can be on any screen or any combo of the screens.

    Both these are global settings. I’m not sure how smooth they are to change during a program.

    I’m thinking of some very cool implementations from creating videos inhouse with the ultra wide aspect ratio. The action/ lyrics can move from one screen to another. Just takes some planning and experimenting.

  7. anthony replied:

    I have a question related to what Dave wrote about using and iMac with the Triple Head to Go. According to Matrox’s website, this unit is not compatible with the iMac only the Macbook Pro and the Mac Pro. Is this correct or with the new module from PP you can now use the iMac with this hardware? Can someone clarify this please.

  8. Dave replied:

    I checked Matrox’s site at: and all current iMacs are supported in both the digital and analog versions. The only limitations I saw were in the older 17″ models. Did you see something I missed?

  9. anthony replied:

    Hi Dave,

    I think you are correct. I saw some confusing information on another site that threw me. Thank you much!

  10. Josh replied:

    I’ve been reading your blog once in a while and decided to reply for the first time, thank you for writing all of this.
    love it!
    קידום אתרים

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