iPhone/ iPod Touch Apps I’m Digging

Well it’s been one week with my iPhone (1 gen) and I thought I’d share some apps that I haven’t mentioned before but I really like and see if anyone has some other suggestions.

Mocha VNC Lite: It’s a VNC client for the iPhone. On macs you can enable VNC control in the Sharing Menu in System preferences and then click on Remote Management and then Computer Settings. I used it to control an iMac running ProPresenter and I’m going to try controlling our M7CL digital soundboard from my iPhone tomorrow.

Enigmo: It’s the water dropping puzzle game. It runs well and doesn’t crash. Challenging yet fun. I can listen to my music and not the game music!

Scrabble: It can be fun. But it’s buggy in that it reboots to the home screen or the phone all together, the load in screen hangs every time, can’t listen to my music when I play. But when it works it’s fun. You can play multiple players by passing the phone around which is a nice time killer when waiting in line. I’m hoping EA will get an update out and fix the bugs in the game.

Auroa Feint: Free puzzle game. One of those you move piece around to match 3 of a kind. It’s been really easy so far. Has a neat twist in it’s setup. It’s free so you can’t beat that.

OmniFocus: I mentioned it earlier but it really is rocking. I’ll post some more on it but I’ve put the money down for the desktop app and mobileme. It’s that good for the way I work.

Some apps I’m looking at:
-Still looking for a racing game that uses the accelerometer. Looking at MonkeyBall, Crash Bandicoot and CroMag Rally.
-I would like a WordPress App

On a side note. I can set up my wife’s work email that runs exchange on my iPhone. Why is this good? Because she wants my iPhone and wants me to get a new 3g iPhone. So I’m thinking about getting the 16GB white one. But iPhones are still hard to find. I went by the Apple Store in Willowbend by my house a few times last week and the smallest line I saw was 50 people. Hopefully I can pick mine up in another week or so.

Anyone upgraded from the 2G to 3G?


July 20, 2008. Tags: . Tech Stuff.

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