PC for Adobe CS3 Video Suite

I’m working on decentralizing our video and media content creation. Previously it’s been based around one room and a beefy MacPro that’s loaded with FCS 2 and Adobe’s CS3 Master Collection and a ProTools 002 setup. But we’ve run into some problems:
-Scheduling the various ministries in there: Me (big church gfx, video, audio, web), music dept, youth, young adults and children’s ministry
-Our media room is big closet and has poor AC and it gets HOT in there! Cost to rework the AC is $7-8k

Several of departments already have the 90% of the hardware and software they need. I just need to pick up some A/D boxes and some decent speakers and they’ll be up and running.

The youth, young adults and big church use ProPresenter so they’ll be sticking with macs. Youth and Young adults just got the middle of the road iMacs so that will be their production machine as well.

Music department is barely in there. But it would be easy enough to give them an M-Box and an external drive. The music pastor’s notebook would work fine for the ProTools stuff they do.

The children’s church is Easy Worship based so I’m wanting to set them up with a decent PC for DV editing and Adobe’s CS3 video suite. They have no plans of editing HD. I’ve been on FCPs and macs since 2001 so I need some help specing out a PC that will meet there needs but not be overkill. If it were a Mac I’d get them an iMac. So I’m looking for something in that ballpark. I’m not interested in building a PC for them. So what should I look for in a Dell or other PC manufacturer?


July 19, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    Are you going to move to something like FCP server so all the media is on one computer that everyone can access? That way everyone could use the pictures of the church picnic if they wanted….

  2. Dave replied:

    Hadn’t thought about it and don’t know if I could justify it.

    1) Our network is painfully slow. The internet speed can rival dial-up at times but the internet has gotten better (in speed and uptime).

    2) Most ministries keep their own media libraries. We have some stock footage stuff (Digital Juice, 12″ Design, Video Copilot stuff) that we share.

    From what I’ve heard about Final Cut Server is it’s really great at asset management, but the other ministries are so unorganized (I’ve looked on their media drives and you have FCP files: untitled 1, untitled 2, untitled 3, etc…) Let alone getting them to archive their stuff to tape or data discs.

    If we had multiple people working on the same project needed to access the same media I’d see a huge benefit to it. But the youth guys do their stuff, young adults their stuff, children’s their stuff and I do my own thing.

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