Adobe CS3 Dynamic Link… Am I Missing Something?

As I’ve written before, I prefer FCP over Premiere any day. We have both the Adobe CS3 master collection and FCS2. I waited to buy FCS2 because I wanted to give Premiere Pro CS3 a fair shake. On my systems it always seemed clunky and unresponsive. Might just be my experience but I’m digressing.

Our Children’s Ministry hired a part time media person to do their stuff. But she has a background in Premiere. She recently shot a green screen project and was having a hard time pulling a key in Premiere. I thought it would be easy for her to get her edit locked then we’d jump into AE to use Keylight to pull the key.

I have Automatic Duck to translate my FCP sequence into AE comps and it works great! I realize it’s not auto-magical round tripping but it works GREAT! I thought PP3 to AE would be even easier but apparently it’s not. Unless I’m just missing something.

In PP3 when I select a clip or sequence and choose new AE Comp from the dynamic link menu it doesn’t translate my sequence to AE. I found I can copy my Premiere content into AE and it seems to keep it’s edit points. I can then bring my AE project back into PP3 like placing a Motion file in FCP. The AE file still needs to be rendered in PP3. While being able to edit the original AE file is nicer than opening up AE and rendering out another version, it’s no deal breaker.

Maybe I was expecting too much. But I thought Adobe’s Dynamic Link would work like Automatic Duck’s AE export from FCP and then just place the AE file into PP3. I was disappointed and frustrated.

So if anyone out there is loving the Adobe Video Production workflow, am I missing something? Can you point me to a tutorial to enlighten me? Am I just doing this wrong? I searched around for about an hour yesterday and couldn’t get this nailed down.


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  1. mf9designdotcom replied:

    I think you are just suffering from FCP infatuation or Apple euphoria. I’ve used both extensively and they both have a few pros and cons each but are pretty similar, Except for the price if you are buying the whole creative suite…then their is no huge reason to buy FCP and conversely if you have FCP bought there is no reason to switch.

    Dynamic link works the way its supposed to. I’m not sure what you were expecting. I would really have a hard time working the way you wanted it to because it used two different rendering engines.

    If you want your entire sequence moved over to AE, you can File > “import” the Premiere timeline.

  2. Dave replied:

    Doh! I was looking for an export option out of Premiere and not an Import option in AE! Thanks for the tip! It’s the simplest things that trip me up sometimes!

    I admit I’ve been an Apple Fanboy/ Mactard. I’ve found my bias for them waning. I don’t know if it’s because Apple’s offerings have expanded (hardware, OS, software, iTunes, iPhone, iPods, etc…) or if it’s more 3rd party players (hardware periphials, software) or if it’s their pace of OS updates/ switch from PowerPC to Intel. But the old days of my Mac just working with plug and play simplicity seem to be waning. Maybe “Snow Leopard” will restore some of that?

    I did debate switching from FCP to Adobe. Worked through a few projects on PP3 but just didn’t like it. Call it personal preference or just not wanting to learn another new program. And then retrain all the youth and young adults guys on PP3 instead of FCP.

    Didn’t mean to come across negative about PP3. It’s a tool. Find the one that works for you. I was just disappointed by the dynamic link, but it was my error. This is pretty cool now.

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