Fall 2008 Kickoff Catalog

I’ve been wearing my print design hat lately. This was a project I needed to finish up before I left on vacation but I didn’t so it was waiting for me when I got home. I finished up the design layout today. Now it’s proofing and imposing before it goes out to the printers on Friday.

The design is nothing to write home about. It’s clean and simple with plenty of white space. Our church really focuses on being multi-ethnic and multi-generation so anytime we can we try to use pictures to represent that. The color scheme is monochromatic on each page but walks around the color wheel as you go through the magazine. I tried to group similar things together.

It’s going to the printer’s on Friday so if you have any ideas/ suggestions let me know. This is the un-proofed version. It’s getting proofed today so if you find any typos give yourself a gold star.

The link is to the high-res print version (11mb)

GOC Fall 2008 Ministry Catalog Print

Here’s the low-res web version (2mb)
GOC Fall 08 Kickoff Ministry Catalog Web

I used Bridge, Photoshop and InDesign CS3 and Adobe’s FontFollio.


July 17, 2008. Tags: , , . Graphic Design.


  1. Adam Oas replied:

    That’s a lot of text. Hope it’s not too hard to get all the verbiage approved!

    It would’ve been nice to have the contents page be multicolor so you could link the sections to the colors there. Probably cost a bit too much tho.

    I’d have probably not gone so clean, but do like some white space.

  2. proofgallery replied:

    Hi Dave.

    Hope that you don’t mind me posting this on your blog.

    I saw that you had posted a link to your proof in this post and had asked for comments back, so I wanted to let you know about ProofHQ. It’s a web based proofing and approval app that you can use to manage your creative approvals. You can also post a proof in your blog. Here is the code:

    I also noticed that you use Basecamp, so you may be interested in the fact that ProofHQ integrates directly with Basecamp. http://www.proofhq.com/html/basecamp.html

    I hope that this is useful.


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