iPhone 2.0 Software

I’m sure if you have an iPhone you’ve already update to the 2.0 software. I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and favorite apps I’ve found so far:

-twitterific: Discovered it on the app store and installed it on my iPhone and on my mac. But it makes twitter usable to me. Great UI and easy controls.

-IM: Works great when it doesn’t crash

-YouVersion Bible: Takes it beyond the great web app to even better formatted for the iPhone

-Apple Remote: Have absolute control over your iTunes from your iPhone. I used to today to control iTunes for pre-service music playback

-AOL Radio: Audio is AM quality over the Edge network and low MP3 or FM quality over wifi but it’s cool to have access to so many radio stations over the phone. Not all stations were available over the Edge.

-Pandora: Type in an artist to create a custom radio station based on that artist. Very cool seems to have a little better audio quality over AOL Radio.

-OmniFocus: I was really looking forward to this app but you have to shell out $20 for the iPhone app and $80 for the app on your mac. That’s $100 so I need to make a commitment to OmniFocus and GTD task management before I shell out that money.

I’m still looking for a killer iPhone game but haven’t put out any money yet. Here’s some I’m looking at:
-Super Monkey Ball but reviews says the controls are difficult.
-Enigmo graphics and reviews look good.
-Crash Bandicoot/ Cro-Mag/ Moto Racer all look like a good racer
-Scrable to expand the brain power

Anybody have any app or game recommendations? Wish I could try before I buy.


July 13, 2008. Tags: , , , . Random, Tech Stuff.

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