Great Design Resource 4 Non Profits

I’ve been wearing my graphic designer hat this week. It got me thinking about how I design. You can read about my Graphic Design 101 Resources on an older post. So here it goes:

When it comes to design you have a couple of main ingredients:
Content: What is it you need to communicate? What is it you are wanting people to do after seeing your work?

Concept: How are you going to communicate it? What’s you’re theme/ idea?

Colors: What emotion/ feeling do the colors communicate? I’m partially color blind so I’ve found a couple of great resources for picking colors. There’s Adobe’s Kuler which is cool for browsing or creating color pallets. You can then download a swatch to your Adobe apps. While it’s free I find myself using Jim Krause’s
Color Index and Color Index 2 more often.

Images: You know the saying “An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words”. Well it’s true. Depending on the image is it saying the right words for your project? You can find my favorite stock photo places on the Resource tab at the top of the page. It’s a work in progress so it’s not complete.

Fonts: Choosing the right font is so important. Brad Zimmerman shared some great advice on his podcast: Every font has a voice. Read the font in it’s voice. Is it appropriate for your piece? I’ve got some of my favorite places to go for free fonts on my resources page.
But I just found out Adobe is offering Font Folio to Non-Profits now! List price is $2,599 for 2300 of their pro fonts. This means fonts that have a dozen or more weights (true bold, black, display etc…) Typography is a kick I get and enjoy. Now I can have the tools to craft my designs. I know $2,599 is a steep price that’s been well beyond my budget, but the non-profit price is $405. I placed my order yesterday through


June 30, 2008. Tags: , . Graphic Design.

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