Church Def In Action

The Stephen Ministry video I blogged about earlier this week we actually showed in “Church Def”. The project was shot, edited and graded in 720p/24. But as a final last step I created a render comp in After Effects at 960×720. I think that was the right size, I’m not at that computer right now, but whatever the dimensions would be for it fit a 4:3 comp that was 720 tall.

But it worked great and looked great. While I shot I used the 4:3 guides in the HVX to help my framing. Once rendered out of AE I used Compressor. After several tests I customized a preset based on Apple TV HD preset.


June 25, 2008. Tags: , , . Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    About 2 years ago I had the thought that it was stupid for me to output ntsc def when I could go to 1024×768.

    It felt very very wrong to do this….I have been digital editing since the mid 90’s and following format protocol was one of the big must do’s if you wanted a great end product.

    We are looking at getting new projectors next year and I want to use 2 16:9 screens sideways so it goes from floor to ceiling….it just seems so wrong….

  2. Dave replied:

    I has having the same thoughts that I had to stick to a recognized format. Something that was a preset in FCP. Which is true if you’re going back to tape or DVD or Blue-Ray. But when you’re using a computer to playback your options open up. Both in format and resolution.

    But if you start looking around at what people are doing in motion graphics and video for stage design, you see the project design dictates the format. Some of the coolest applications of Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer that use screen remapping are playing back custom created content based on the screens layout. Start adding some Matrox Triple Heads2Go and you can get some really cool designs.

    Just a quick thought about mounting projectors sideways, because I had an install 2 years ago that we thought about it, and I never found an answer. But does mounting a projector sideways have a negative impact on the lifespan of the projector? This thought was mainly from how the heat is dissipated through the unit. Could never get someone to give me a solid answer.

  3. Dave C replied:

    Hi Dave,
    I had this idea a while back and never got round to doing it – well done for trying.
    (for us in the UK at least PAL is slightly higher res than NTSC as a starting point).

    On the projector sideways point many manufacturers specifically warn you NOT to do this as it stresses their designed-down-to-a-price cooling system in the budget projs. The pro products from the big boys are designed to cope with this kind of thing so they don’t care.

    Dave C

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